How BEAM MY CAR simplifies your car shipping

At a time when efficiency and reliability are paramount, BEAM MY CAR emphasises the importance of effective vehicle shipping. Our platform not only offers a tracking solution, but also meets the diverse logistical challenges of vehicle transfers with an integrated solution.

1. Easy transport: Our cloud-based system enables a smooth and structured transport of vehicles such as cars, lorries and shared platforms from A to B.

2. Effective coordination: Regardless of the number of drivers, BEAM MY CAR ensures a clear overview and effective coordination.

3. Personalised solutions: We understand that every company has individual requirements. Our vehicle transfer services are tailored specifically to your needs in order to optimise workflows.

4. Full transparency: Gain clarity about the location and status of each vehicle. With BEAM MY CAR, you have full insight into the transfer process at all times.

5. Triple increase in efficiency: minimisation of empty runs and optimised route planning significantly increase efficiency.

6. Easy invoicing: Our software allows you to create invoices and receipts digitally directly from the process, making the accounting process easier.

7. Seamless integration: BEAM MY CAR is designed so that it can be easily integrated into existing ERP systems.

To summarise, BEAM MY CAR is more than just a car transfer software. It is an integrated vehicle shipping solution that aims to reduce the complexity of vehicle transfer while optimising the process. We invite you to experience the benefits that BEAM MY CAR offers for yourself.