About us

BEAM MY CAR, an innovative tech start-up, is being created in the centre of Leipzig’s dynamic technology landscape. Founded by a quintet of technology and car enthusiasts – Tobias Gahlert, Sören Schöne, Marcel Prast, Jörg Schädlich and Marc Frost – the company pursues a clear vision and passion for the interface between technology and automobility.

Our team

Tobias Gahlert

Tobias Gahlert (Managing Director)

As Managing Director and Software Developer, Tobias Gahlert drives our technological vision and ensures that BEAM MY CAR is at the forefront of innovation.
Sören Schöne

Sören Schöne (Sales Manager)

With a role in business development, Sören Schöne ensures that our company is constantly growing and evolving to meet the changing demands of the market.
Jörg Schädlich

Jörg Schädlich (Finance)

With many years of experience behind him, Jörg Schädlich keeps an eye on the figures as Chief Financial Officer, ensures that we operate economically and lays the foundations for our financial stability. At the same time, he also coordinates legal security and data protection.
Beam My Car Logo

Marcel Prast

Marcel founded Logether GmbH in January 2017 and has been working as Managing Director and Dispatch Manager ever since. He knows the business of transport logistics inside out: as a Master of International Business Administration, he acquired the foundations of his current economic thinking and actions during his studies. For him, BEAM MY CAR is an important building block on the road to the digital age, and he is a very valuable partner with his expertise.
Marc Frost

Marc Frost (Head of Development)

As our Head of Development, Marc Frost is instrumental in steering the technological direction of BEAM MY CAR. With a keen eye for innovation, he ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Revolutionary mobility solutions

BEAM MY CAR is an outstanding digital solution resulting from the partnership with devlab. It was developed by a dynamic and experienced team specialising in the development of individual software solutions. The software engineers at devlab have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and are constantly supplemented by innovative ideas from young team members.
In addition to mobility software, the devlab team is also active in areas such as media, research and business as sought-after software developers.
Unser Team zieht für Sie den Karren aus dem Dreck und löst jedes Problem, welches durch Software gelöst werden kann.


Teamwork makes the dream work. We see ourselves as a strong unit in which everyone can learn from everyone else. Together we create a working atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone.

Made in Germany

Short distances, direct contacts and an understanding of the needs of local companies – we offer all of this with our software made in Germany.

Innovation and further development

We don’t like to stand still. That’s why we’re always training ourselves, trying out new tools and delivering the latest software.

Sustainable problem solutions

Thanks to our customised software solutions, we can solve problems sustainably and offer real added value for companies. Even after delivery, we don’t stop there and are happy to continue developing your product together with you.